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Wedding Breakdown from the Bride Whisperer of the Inns of Aurora

December 2nd, 2013

It’s been an extremely busy season for us, and Heather finally has time to reflect:


I’d like to start out explaining the timing of this post. Months ago, Emily asked me to give her a blog entry by October 26th. I instantly made a conscious decision to ignore that deadline (sorry, Em!). October marks the end of our outdoor wedding season here in Aurora, so I just couldn’t bear the thought of following yet another deadline. So I made my own deadline. I needed to grasp onto the excitement that I ...

Dale's Muder Mystery Dinner at the Inns of Aurora

December 2nd, 2013

Our E.B. Morgan House Innkeeper Dale reflects on the murder mystery dinner he hosted last week at the House! What a blast for those who came!

Dale had fun setting up for the formal dinner!

What an amazingly awesome event at the E.B. Morgan House this past Saturday. The Inns of Aurora hosted its first ever murder mystery party, and it was a huge success. This was an intimate event for the fourteen in-house guests, and they seemed to all have a blast.  In fact, some guests were so excited to be participating that they donned their personas two w...

Things to Pack for Your Finger Lakes Vacation

July 19th, 2012


The Finger Lakes region in Central New York State offers recreation and relaxation year-round. If you prefer the natural scenic backdrop provided by the pristine lakes and gentle rolling hillsides, or you're the adventurous type that likes to hit the trails or the slopes, and feel the wind in your sails out on the water, you won't be disappointed by all that the Finger Lakes have to offer. With the largest selection of Finger Lakes rental vacation homes to choo...

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