Our E.B. Morgan House Innkeeper Dale reflects on the murder mystery dinner he hosted last week at the House! What a blast for those who came!

Dale had fun setting up for the formal dinner!

What an amazingly awesome event at the E.B. Morgan House this past Saturday. The Inns of Aurora hosted its first ever murder mystery party, and it was a huge success. This was an intimate event for the fourteen in-house guests, and they seemed to all have a blast.  In fact, some guests were so excited to be participating that they donned their personas two weeks BEFORE the event.

Guests were greeted as typical Morgan House guests at 3 p.m. By 6 o’clock, the house and guests were transformed into a lavish dinner party, only to discover that the “host” had been mysteriously strangled. But who among the invited guests could have and would have committed such a heinous act?

Over a reception and three-course paired meal, all fourteen guests slung questions and accusations. It was amazing to see how deeply invested these guests were into their given characters. I saw wigs, cigars, and even a mink coat. One guest, who arrived in Aurora somewhat hesitant about how the evening would progress, was quoted as saying, “I love this. This is awesome!”

As the coordinator for the event, I could not help but get swept up in the action myself. Donning a tux and the persona of Jeeves, I was there for every twist an turn, as guests revealed information throughout the evening.

While bonding after the mystery event, guests expressed how excited they were for the next one…perhaps this will have to become a regular event around here.

Feel free to contact the Inns to set up a similar event for your own friends! We’re happy to host the whodunnit.