It’s been an extremely busy season for us, and Heather finally has time to reflect:


I’d like to start out explaining the timing of this post. Months ago, Emily asked me to give her a blog entry by October 26th. I instantly made a conscious decision to ignore that deadline (sorry, Em!). October marks the end of our outdoor wedding season here in Aurora, so I just couldn’t bear the thought of following yet another deadline. So I made my own deadline. I needed to grasp onto the excitement that I could actually flat out ignore a date and time without ruining a wedding or epic memory… Until she sent me a nice email taking the blame for my lack of a blog post. Now I just feel bad.  Oh, well. On to the recap!

2013 Wedding Season. What a crazy, beautiful, overwhelming, fun, exhausting, rainy, successful, inspiring, and just generally insane whirlwind of a year. This was my 7th season here (!), and it was a record year on so many fronts. Here’s just a few:

Down and dirty numbers:
Total Weddings: 55
Total Ceremonies On-Site: 41
Largest: 211 guests (plus 20 kids down the road!)
Smallest: 2 guests
Total Guests: 4,879
Bottles of Sparkling wine I opened: 754
Number of blisters caused by above statistic: 47
Portions of beef tenderloin served: somewhere near 1,000
Portions of beef tenderloin I personally consumed: somewhere near 25
Wedding days with rain: 19
Wedding days with rain that were not ruined by rain: 19
Fruit, veggie, and ice carvings: 258
Table cloths washed: 1,200
Fire pits lit: 38
Kitchen staff: 14ish (best back of the house team in the world)
Amazing banquet servers (you all crushed it and make me look good!): 31


We had our first legal marriage of two men (two incredibly kind and handsome men, might I add – HEY Ryan and Jason!).

I was the sole photographer for two ceremonies (I can hear several of my photographer friends laughing, and they absolutely should be).  This one with my iPhone from afar, because I know one day they will regret saying they didn’t want any pictures.

I was lucky enough to be the only legal witness to the most touching ceremony I’ve ever seen. 31 years together, and finally able to make it legal! Yay Joan and Leslie! I swear it was my signature, not a kindergartners.

This season was memorable on so many levels. Yes, we had insane weather and all kinds of strange occurrences I have chosen to forget, but it was probably my favorite overall. I met incredible people, made lifelong friends, was incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication of the team I’m lucky enough to be a part of, worked with amazingly talented vendors, enjoyed the best food, and was just generally in awe of being so lucky to be a part of the best days of peoples’ lives.

I concluded the season with a late October, middle of the night swim in Cayuga Lake to really cap off the year. Stay tuned next time for more behind the scenes stories of life in the world of Inns of Aurora weddings (be afraid, team. Be very, very afraid).

Thanks so everyone who made it possible and the best yet! 2014 – Onward and upward!