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Health Benefits and Risks of Drinking Wine for Mesothelioma Patients

April 6th, 2017

Author: Virgil Anderson

Mesothelioma typically spreads at an aggressive rate, which means that patients will need to fight against the cancer with an equally aggressive type of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy healing process is never easy, however, and many patients end up feeling spent, both mentally and physically, in their struggle. As such, many medical professionals will recommend for patients to take a look at supplementary healing systems in order to improve their nutritional and mental outlook. Beca...

Edible Adventures - Strawberries! Straw! Adventures of U-Picking

June 28th, 2016

Growing up in western New York, summertime was the time of year we all waited for with eager anticipation. The snow was gone, the days were sunny and long, and fresh fruits and veggies arrived at the produce stands.

My Italian grandfather was an ace gardener and continued gardening well into his 80's. He provided fresh vegetables and fruits for his family as well as for his neighbors. This tradition was not passed along to my father - I would hazard to guess that it would have been considered a step backwa...

NYS Sporting License Fees Reduced

April 4th, 2014

State Sporting License Fees Reduced!


Great news if you are resident or nonresident angler or hunter! As of Feb. 1, 2014, some exciting changes have been made for sportsmen and women looking to enjoy New York’s outstanding natural resources. For starters, the sporting license year will change. For fishermen, an annual license will start from the day you purchase it. For hunting, the new license year will be from September 1 to August 31 instead of the previous October 1 starting date. Those are both good...

Words from the Aurora Inn Dining Room

October 21st, 2013

Word from the Dining Room!

Autumn is in the air in Aurora! It’s such a lovely time of year – bustling streets here in town, leaves changing, windy nights.  Our dining room staff has been busy creating new menus to reflect the best offerings of the local produce.  Dinner menu additions like our Autumn Dressing (rye croutons, fresh local pears, walnuts, and a house made cranberry sauce) have been well received by our guests after their long days touring the region and the near-peak foliage.  (Qu...

A New Look for Dorie's Bakery at the Inns of Aurora

October 21st, 2013

We’re so excited to welcome Dorie’s Bakery back to life on Tuesday, as the Bakery reopens its doors to serve everything from scrumptious cakes from our stellar pastry team, to the ever-famous Dorie’s chicken salad sandwiches served on fresh-baked bread.

Although Dorie’s Bakery recently underwent some fairly extensive renovations (check out the picture window that allows you to view the bakers at work!) it, like much of Aurora, has its own storied past. According to our Walking Tour by Innkeeper Dale ...

Lynda's Perspective at the Inns of Aurora

October 21st, 2013

If you haven’t had the chance to meet lovely innkeeper Lynda Logan, I recommend you do so as soon as possible! The matriarch of the Morgan House, Lynda is able to convey the beauty of the house with a special knack that serves as a reminder of how lucky we are to work in such beautiful spaces.

One night, Lynda was washing dishes while the sun was setting. “The whole lawn was this beautiful florescent green,” she reminisces. It was so beautiful I couldn’t stop saying,’oh my my my my my.’ It looked...

Hidden Spaces in Aurora

October 21st, 2013

The Inns of Aurora function as a distinctly American version of an albergo diffuso–literally translated as “scattered hotel,” or a collection of historic properties sprinkled throughout a village. Because of our diverse locations throughout Aurora, some of our spaces simply don’t get as much traffic as others, or aren’t accessible to the general public. These are my favorite spots: the tucked away, the oft unseen, the hidden. Here are just a few:

This gorgeous hammock is sometimes used by guests at ...

The EB Morgan House and Local History with Some Big Names in the Finger Lakes

August 8th, 2013

A big thanks to our friend Carol Martino for her recent write up on the E.B. Morgan House, Inns of Aurora, MacKenzie Childs, and Cayuga County's own Wells College. Teaser... there's some big names with a local Finger Lakes tie. Exciting stuff. Read on below.

The E. B. Morgan House, a luxurious lakeside retreat


E. B. Morgan House (photo provided)

E. B. Morgan House (photo provided)

“The years teach much which the days never know.” We found this bit of inspiration, penned by Ralph Waldo Emerson, on our pillows along with chocolate t...

Upstate New York's Beautiful Wine Country -- Good Life Destinations

August 7th, 2013

The following is a blog article written by our good friends Dan and Carol Martino of Good Life Destintations. A big thank you to Dan and Carol for visiting us, being such gracious guests, and we hope to see them in the Finger Lakes again soon! Read below for a segment of their article and a link to the full article. Cheers!


Upstate New York's Beautiful Wine Country

Ever since I visited Corning, NY while traveling for work in 2004, I wanted to return to Western Upstate New York and spend some time in ...

Destination: Keuka Lake, N.Y.

July 30th, 2013

Dawn was just starting to sneak up on New York's Keuka Lake as I stood on the large dock at the Snug Harbor Inn, waiting for my fishing guide. I had just spent the night there, a three-tiered Victorian restaurant and inn built in 1890. Hoping to capture some fishing mojo, I had a wonderful salmon dinner the night prior on the balcony overlooking Keuka.

As my guide eased up to the dock, he asked if I had been waiting long.

Twenty-five years, I thought, because that's how long it had been since I last fishe...

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