We’re so excited to welcome Dorie’s Bakery back to life on Tuesday, as the Bakery reopens its doors to serve everything from scrumptious cakes from our stellar pastry team, to the ever-famous Dorie’s chicken salad sandwiches served on fresh-baked bread.

Although Dorie’s Bakery recently underwent some fairly extensive renovations (check out the picture window that allows you to view the bakers at work!) it, like much of Aurora, has its own storied past. According to our Walking Tour by Innkeeper Dale Whittaker, “Built in 1920 as Martin Snyder’s Pharmacy and Notions Shop, [Dorie's Bakery] was later owned by Dorie Reynolds as a general store with a candy and ice cream counter, and was known as Mack’s or Dorie’s. In 2001, Pleasant T. Rowland purchased the building from Dorie Reynolds and renovate it as a café and bakery with an outside deck. The building was then gifted to Wells College in 2006.”

Over the years, Dorie’s Bakery has been everything from a simple ice cream shop to a coffee shop serving lattes and espresso drinks in addition to sandwiches and goodies. We’re so happy to have the chance to breathe new life into the charming space! Come visit to see how delightful it truly is!