The Inns of Aurora function as a distinctly American version of an albergo diffuso–literally translated as “scattered hotel,” or a collection of historic properties sprinkled throughout a village. Because of our diverse locations throughout Aurora, some of our spaces simply don’t get as much traffic as others, or aren’t accessible to the general public. These are my favorite spots: the tucked away, the oft unseen, the hidden. Here are just a few:

This gorgeous hammock is sometimes used by guests at the E.B. Morgan House, but it’s missed by many. The majesty of the tall shade trees, the gleaming summertime sun, and the cool lake breeze collide to make this spot one of the most picturesque and comfortable places one can imagine. The only things missing are a pitcher of iced tea and a good, long book.

Our wine cellar is a haven of organization, delicious taste, and cool, tempered air. I’m always grateful to escape to its serenity for a moment, and think of all of the passionate winemakers who have put their lives into bottling these edible treasures–many of which are crafted right in our very own Finger Lakes.

This small patio is just steps away from the Inn’s summer dance floor, but these seats are the perfect spot to take in the lake while removed from the typical event hubbub. A friend and I enjoyed a post-brunch mimosa at this Secret Garden-esque table recently, and it was simply heaven.

The rooftop view from the Village Market is a stunner–watching the sunset from here at the end of a long day just can’t be beat.