Alternative Outdoor Activities

Never heard of disc golf, geocaching or stream hiking? Come learn all about it in the Finger Lakes; where every day spent outdoors is a beautiful day!

Disc golf is a fairly new recreational game and is similar to golf. It encompasses the use of a disc and a course that is generally between 9 and 18 holes long. The game is friendly to all ages and people alike and it can be played on a regulated course, but many make up the course as they play. There are approximately 45 official disc golf courses in New York State with most of them being centered in the Finger Lakes. Denison Park in Corning, NY is a popular course that participates in the World’s Biggest Disc Golf Weekend event annually, which was held May 1-2 in 2010. The event helps publicize disc golf on an international level and encourages people to try the sport. Other popular courses in the Finger Lakes include Emerson Park in Auburn, NY and Hickory Hill Camping Resort in Bath, NY. For official disc golf rules, visit

Geocaching is not just a seek and find recreational activity; in the Finger Lakes, it also includes food, nature, shopping, wine and much more. Geocaching is a treasure hunt that involves locating a hidden container, known as a geocaches, in the outdoors and then sharing your experience with other geocacher's online.Try your hand at geocaching on the Sojourn Geocache Trail in Chemung County. Along the path you can see birds, visit antiques, boutiques and specialty shops, shop at a farmer’s market, eat by the river, take advantage of multiple photo opportunities, fish, or participate in one of the many river events throughout the summer and into the fall. Before commencing your geocache adventure, register for the trail at (it is free) to get coordinates, and pick up your Sojourn Passport at the Information Center of Corning, or at Chemung County Chamber of Commerce. Each geocache along the trail contains a unique rubber stamp that you stamp your passport with. Once you have collected 12 or more different stamps, you can receive a limited edition commemorative coin.

Many avid hikers are also stream hikers, but they do not know it. Stream hiking is when you follow the stream instead of the hiking trail, and it is definitely more adventurous. You can go stream hiking virtually anywhere there is a stream. Here are some things to remember before you go on your stream hiking trip:

  • Bring a pair of sporty sandals or old sneakers that also have good grips on the bottom to prevent you from slipping.
  • A walking stick to help test the depth of the water and to help prevent you from falling into the deeper sections.
  • Bring lots of bug spray and food in watertight bags because the bugs like water also and stream hikes can be long.

New York State Parks
in the Finger Lakes have a lot of options for the beginner and intermediate stream hiker. Notable NYS Parks include Fillmore Glen, Stony Brook, and Watkins Glen. Just be sure to obey in signs posting dangerous sections that are off-limits to stream hiking.

In the Finger Lakes, you can experience a new outdoor adventure; everyday!

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