Partner News 03/2015

Looking to Bring More Groups to Your Business? FLTA Needs Your Input!

FLTA has been in discussions about how to bring even more exposure and notoriety to businesses in the Finger Lakes region. If your business is looking to establish a presence or receive a strong foothold in the group travel market, some interesting conversations have been taking place to possibly help out. As a result of these conversations, ideas have been generated that we need partner review and feedback on. Please review the elements of a potential group travel marketing program at the link to follow and provide us with your feedback. This quick one page program summary and one or two question survey will help to guide the direction of FLTA's group travel based marketing offerings. Please take a moment to review this quick document and thank you in advance for providing us your feedback! Review Group Travel Program and Provide Feedback

Back by Popular Demand

FLTA partners spoke and we have heard! Back by popular demand and being published soon is the FLTA map and mini guide. This tri-fold, rack card sized fold out road map has been a staple of FLTA's value added offerings for years. The map and mini guide, inclusive of partner contact information, took a couple year's hiatus and the demand for this piece is higher than ever! The map and mini guide is a great Finger Lakes regional road map on one side and on the flip side, every single one of FLTA's partners are listed with a business name and phone number. This featured listing on the map comes to FLTA partners as an inclusive benefit of partnership. No additional investment is required for a basic listing in 75,000 of these printed map and mini guides as a thank you for your support! If you would like some additional exposure through a bolded listing, to make your business stand out, or have an interest in representing your business in the ONE BLOCK AD LEFT, please contact Barb Kolonoski at 607-425-0134 or via email at

Congratulations Are In Order

FLTA works hard to give credit where credit is due. In case you missed it yesterday on the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance Facebook page, kudos are in order to our valued partner, Wegmans. Wegmans was recently named as the honorable recipient of the title, America's Most Respected Company by notes that "This year's winner, Wegmans, edged out Amazon by "building a sterling reputation in the communities [it serves], through its employees, one shopping experience at a time". For anyone who is a Wegmans shopper, the sentiments that are expressed must resonate strongly. FLTA applauds Wegmans for their efforts and encourages you to read the full article here.

Receive Exposure at High Traffic Areas Along Major Routes

Even though it's tough to imagine this time of year, spring really is right around the corner! Opening on April 1st, along NYS I-90, FLTA staffs two major information centers at gateway locations just outside of Buffalo and Syracuse, and stocks these information centers with valuable Finger Lakes partner information. Once we have those Eastern and Western information centers stocked with knowledgeable staff, regional travel guides, state maps and tons of partner business brochures, we then cover the southern gateway information center along Interstate 1-86 East at Chautauqa. FLTA staff at these information centers greets visitors, starting on opening day of April 1st, and speaks with them about their travel plans enticing them with Finger Lakes business information to include in their vacation route based upon their specific travel interests. Thousands of brochures are distributed every year at these hot spot travel locations and by coming on board with FLTA your business will be represented by an educated staff member who will make sure materials get in visitors hands. Time is getting short to get involved! Discover pricing, more information and how to get involved in Thruway Information Center participation by contacting Barb Kolonoski at 607-425-0134 or or Karen Colizzi Noonan in the FLTA office at 315-536-7488 or via email at

Potential Customers Are Only a Short Drive Away

Partners can join FLTA at shows, within driving distance of the Finger Lakes region, where consumers are looking to gather new and different travel ideas. The Finger Lakes is such an easy sell of a location with serious value in our destination to communicate to potential visitors. FLTA attends a number of consumer shows throughout the year to get in front of new potential visitors during planning stages, before they visit the region. FLTA partners can participate at two levels. Your business can attend the show with FLTA and share a booth (at a reduced rate rather than going alone!) speaking with show attendees, handing out your business materials, and receiving contact information for show attendees. As a thank you for joining us at the show as a booth sponsor, your business will receive the contact information for those who enter to win a FLTA provided sweepstakes so that you may follow up with them directly and add them to your newsletter communication list as well!

The second level of participation at shows is cost effective for smaller businesses. Brochure distribution at shows will ensure that your business materials and/or marketing promotional items will get into potential visitors hands and no cost is incurred to travel to the show. It's the best of both worlds. Pricing for upcoming consumer shows is outlined below:

Daytrips and Destinations - May 2nd, Plantsville, CT
Anticipated Attendence: Over 4,000 visitors
Share a Booth and Attend in Person with FLTA: $585
Send Your Brochures for Distribution: $120

Connecticut Women's Expo - September 12-13th, Hartford, CT
Anticipated Attendence: Over 22,000 visitors
Share a Booth and Attend in Person with FLTA: $546
Send Your Brochures for Distribution: $125

Contact Jessica Robideau, 315-536-7488, for more information or to get involved today!

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