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Quickly Approaching! Annual Brochure Exchange RSVP Today Before It’s Too Late
May 15, 2013 10 AM-12 PM
Waterloo Premium Outlets

Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance’s Annual Brochure Exchange will be held on Wednesday, May 15th. Here are all the details you need for this annual networking event:

What: Finger Lakes Brochure Exchange

Where: Waterloo Premium Outlets (parking lot, held rain or shine)

When: May 15th from 10 AM to 12 PM

Why: To allow partners to pick up their copy of the 2013 Finger Lakes regional travel guide, gather to exchange their organization’s literature, and meet tourism industry peers.

Cost: No additional cost for FLTA partners (included in partnership fee) $100 for non-FLTA partners and a great networking opportunity! Feel free to invite your friends at other local businesses to get them involved.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to make connections with others in the Finger Lakes and help build local referrals! Please email to RSVP, or click below to download the sign up form, which can be faxed to the office (315-536-1237) by Friday, May 10th


Market to a Female Audience this Fall Looking to Make Travel Decisions

This fall, FLTA will be attending two shows where consumers will be on the prowl looking for exciting new locations, attractions, and ways to spend their hard earned dollars. On September 7th and 8th FLTA will be attending the Connecticut Women’s Expo in Hartford Connecticut. In 2012 the Connecticut Women’s Expo saw 20,000 attendees and FLTA distributed several partner brochures. FLTA analytics show that the Connecticut audience is looking for Finger Lakes information on a regular basis.

Another show FLTA will be attending this fall is the Toronto Women’s Show. The Toronto Women’s Show is a collection of vendors offering everything a lady’s heart could desire. In 2012 the Toronto Women’s Show saw roughly 37,800 attendees. The 2013 Toronto Women’s Show is taking place November 1-3rd. Toronto, being a short three and a half hour drive from the heart of the Finger Lakes, makes for a great travel audience to promote your business.

If you’d like to attend the women’s shows this fall with FLTA, the cost to attend as a booth sponsor is $563 for the Connecticut Women’s Show and $1,004 for the Toronto Women’s Show. Please note this cost does not include travel expenses. You will be able to share the booth with other Finger Lakes businesses, speak directly to show attendees, and hand out any marketing literature or promotional items you wish! If you’d like to attend this show with FLTA or need more information, email Jessica at

Looking for a more COST EFFECTIVE way to get in front a female audience making travel decisions? Send your brochures or a piece of marketing literature to the show for distribution! You can attend the show through brochure distribution. Brochure distribution at the Connecticut Women’s Show is $115. Brochure distribution at the Toronto Women’s Show is $200. If you would like to send your materials to either of these shows, contact Jessica and she will provide you with material deadlines and more information.




Reach Thousands of Interested Finger Lakes Visitors with the Vacation Fun Lead Generator

Very limited space is still available for the Madden Media Vacation Fun Lead Generator which places your business in front of thousands of travelers looking for their next exciting vacation destination. The Vacation Fun Lead Generator program includes your business in a Finger Lakes focused electronic iBrochure, part of the Finger Lakes page on, and email blast to Madden’s thousands of opted in subscribers looking for vacation information. As a participant in the Vacation Fun Lead program you will receive thousands of qualified leads, both print and email address, looking for more information on the Finger Lakes region and all that it has to offer. The program will run from early May all the way through October with your business receiving leads all along the way.

“We have found the quantity, and more importantly, the quality (correct addresses both USPS and email) to be very strong.  We were able to measure a 10% conversion rate from those requesting information to actual trips to our community.” – Fred Bonn, Director Ithaca/Tompkins County Convention and Visitors Bureau

This program will be starting within the next week so if you are interested in getting more information and signing up for this program, please contact Mark Illig today at or call the office at 315-536-7488. Deadline to sign up for this program is no later than this Friday, April 19th by end of business day.




Canadian Traveller Advertising Opportunity

The Canadian market is not far out of reach of the Finger Lakes and travelers from this neck of the woods are a great audience to visit our businesses. The Canadian Traveller magazine is working with FLTA to bring you savings on advertising in their publication. Canadian Traveller has a distribution of 20,000 in print and their online digital viewership reaches more than 117,000. All of these views are by request and opted in subscribers. Canadian Traveller magazine has a shelf life of three months getting your business extended exposure. FLTA is looking to create a Finger Lakes featured advertisement with inclusion of your business in the June edition which will feature locations within the drive market. Get your business featured in both the successful print and online editions for only $380. Space is limited so email or call Jessica Robideau at or 315-536-7488 to get included.




Packages vs Special Promotions – New Marketing Opportunity

The marketing committee has been hard at work brainstorming new ideas to help partners improve their marketing efforts both to individuals within the Finger Lakes region and to entice out of region visitors to make their way to the Finger Lakes. In an effort to better serve the visitor, the marketing committee has come up with some clarifying points to help visitors find exactly what they’re looking for on If your business is running a special that features two or more FLTA partners working together to offer exceptional savings, please log in to your partner account and post it on the Packages Page. The packages page is one of most highly trafficked pages. The marketing committee is looking to clarify what a package entails to meet the specifications listed above. By staying true to this package criteria, FLTA will possibly be eliminating some items currently on this page and if they are single business offers, they will be moved to our BRAND NEW Special Offers page.

If your business is creating in house offers and specials that you want to promote to visitors, please take advantage of our newly added ‘Special Promotions’ page. FLTA and the marketing committee understand that it might be difficult for your business to partner with another business when offering a package or special in house is quick and easy. If you have a special promotion or discount that you would like to market to potential visitors, please log in to your partner account and add this discount or special to the Special Promotions area.

FLTA will be migrating and re-organizing both of these pages to make sure that visitors can find the correct information they’re looking for quickly and easily. We’re sure that by re-classifying this information and reorganizing the Packages page to also include Special Promotions, you’ll be sure to see great visitation to your website and visitors redeeming your special offers left and right!

If you have any questions about these pages or about how to access your partner account, please feel free to email Jessica Robideau at




Feel Like There Are Finger Lakes Guides Everywhere Now a Days? Let Us Help Clarify

It has been brought to FLTA’s attention that there has been a recent influx in the number of Finger Lakes travel guides that are being produced, if not in the works to be created, in the near future. FLTA would like to set the record straight and avoid any confusion with all the materials you may be receiving. Look for our logo to be sure you are advertising in the FLTA guide. As we continue through the 2013 year, not too far from now, we will start the process of communicating to our partners the steps that will need to be taken in order to prepare for the 2014 travel guide. Rest assured when the 2014 travel guide is printed you will receive communication from FLTA to be included and make sure that all of your business information is correct.




Feeling Behind the Curve with Social Media? Here are a Few Best Practices and Helpful Hints


*Images - Since Facebook came out with Timeline the image size has increased quite a bit making images more valuable. Uploading photos to your Timeline tends to grab more likes and comments compared to text posts. Bright and colorful images are extremely visible to the eye, attracting more attention from viewers. Some ideas for successful posts are to include pictures of people within the image, behind the scenes pictures, delicious looking food, and images that capture funny moments or unique views.

*Cover Photo - A study has shown that consumers pay the most attention to the cover photo compared to any other content on the wall. The same study also established that cover photos with faces draw more attention than those without. The cover photo is your first impression and can make it or break it for potential fans and customers. If you choose a cover photo that just isn’t working for your company you can always change it as often as you would like. Also, it is important that you save your company’s logo for the profile picture, not the cover photo.

*Highlighting - To draw more attention to a single post you can highlight it by clicking on the star icon at the top right corner of a post. This will then enlarge the post and display it the full width of the page. Facebook recommends that business pages do this once a week to the most valuable post to showcase it.


*Hashtags – What are these? Hashtags are the # symbol in front of a word or string of words that are a new trend. It is important no to overuse hashtags; one or two hashtags of the most important word or words is enough. The best hashtags are the most obvious ones. Don’t use a hashtag if you aren’t 100% sure what it means.

*Tweets - Keep your Tweets short and sweet! Always make sure you do not go over your 140 character limit.  A recent report shows that Tweets less than one hundred characters receive 17% more engagement ratings. Additionally, it is always good to Tweet two to five times a day, if possible. Try not to directly market in your Tweets; instead try to funnel traffic to your website for more information.

*Tools - To set yourself up for success you will want to use an advanced tool to keep organized and on schedule. Some examples of tools to check out are HootSuite, Bottlenose or

Twitter AND Facebook

* Fans - For all social media sites it is important that you do not over look your fans. Embrace your fans and create personal relationships with them. Respond to customer feedback whether it is positive or negative. If you’re using Facebook; like, comment or share your fans posts. If you’re using Twitter; reply, Retweet or direct message followers.

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