Partner news 06/2015

New York, New York City and New Jersey... BIG Opportunities

The Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance (FLTA) is leading a BIG marketing campaign to promote Finger Lakes business within the Northwestern NJ, Northeastern PA and NYC area. Promotion of the Finger Lakes can come to partner businesses in a unique way through cooperative efforts with FLTA and Tipping Point Communications. Partner businesses can be included in components of a digital campaign that include banner and social media advertising within the selected markets mentioned, inclusion on a landing page, and a part of digital click through campaigns. To see all the elements of this campaign and to get involved, view this document and return to the FLTA office via email to or faxed to 315-536-1237.

The Finger Lakes Logo is Recognizable, Wear It with Pride

Want to show your Finger Lakes love on your sleeve? Well how about on your lapel?! The Finger Lakes logo, like the one next to this text, can be added to bags, shirts, promotions items and more! View this link to see the items and clothing that are available and show your Finger Lakes love. Spread the Finger Lakes message and brand awareness with the rest of the FLTA gang! Contact Karen at the FLTA office at 315-536-7488 or at to inquire about logo codes to use the Finger Lakes logo and special offers that may be available to purchase Finger Lakes branded materials.

Olive Bone Studios Provides Video and Marketing Strategy Programs for Partners Again for 2015

Olive Bone Studios is working with FLTA again for another season to provide FLTA partners with high resolution, quality videos for their various marketing uses including but not limited to social media, television commercials, YouTube and Vimeo channels and more. On top of receiving high quality film, still shot photographs and a marketing strategy on how to use this material will be provided to partners who participate with Olive Bone as well. Contact the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance for more information on this program at 315-536-7488 to get signed up for the 2015 opportunity.

Space Available at the the Connecticut Women's Show to Attend or Send Your Brochures for Distribution

The Connecticut Women's Show is taking place in September and sees roughly 22,000 attendees. Research shows that women are primarily the individuals making travel decision plans and this is a wonderful market for your business to get in front of. With Connecticut being a short drive of roughly only 5 hours away, your business can get involved with FLTA by attending the show in person to speak with show attendees, distribute your business information, and receive leads of those who attended the show. If your business can not make the committment to attend yourself but would like to have representation at the show none the less, send FLTA your brochures for professionally staffed distirbution. Join FLTA at the show for $546 (not including travel costs) or send your brochures for $125. Contact Jessica Robideau for more information or call the FLTA office at 315-536-7488 to get involved.

FLTA Annual Literature Exchange Was a HUGE Success

Thank you to all the partners who attended the annual Literature Exchange. This annual event had even more businesses represented this year than last year, with a whopping 190 partners in attendance. Representatives from government offices were in attendance listing to issues and meeting and greeting with area business owners and managers. Local media also picked up promotion of the Literature Exchange to encourage even more attendees to join in on this unique networking opportunity and spread the Finger Lakes message. Thank you to all those partners who attended making 2015's event such a HUGE success! We look forward in growing this event even further for years to come.

2016 Will Be Here Soon - Let FLTA Provide Your Business With a Heads Up

Things are picking up for the tourism season around the Finger Lakes region. As FLTA continues through the tourism season there will be promotion and marketing abounding. As a very early reminder, FLTA did want to provide partners, new and returning, about the process for 2016 partnership. In preparation to include all FLTA partner information in next year's 2016 Finger Lakes regional travel guide, the preparation process starts August 1st of 2015 with partnership billing taking place to ensure business information in the guide, which is printed by early January of 2016. Partnership billing that will take place in August will ensure that every partner who would like to be included in this 2016 guide can do so. Financial commitment is not due August 1st, as payment plans and post dating of invoices is an available option, but we do need a commitment for all of our partners that they would like to be included in at least 125,000 copies of the Finger Lakes regional travel guide and have a listing on All FLTA needs is an email or phone call confirmation at this August timeframe. It's still a way off, so need to worry now, but as a way to keep partners in the loop, we did want to provide this information early in the season. Questions? Please feel free to contact Karen Colizzi Noonan at at any time.

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