Places to Stay

It doesn't matter if you're looking to visit the Finger Lakes for the first time or if you've been coming for years and are planning to make a more permanent stay, there are plenty of places to rest your head in the Finger Lakes. There are hundreds of options when trying to find a place to stay in the Finger Lakes.

First, you have to figure out the type of accommodation you would like; you will find a list of each type below. Once you have that down, you can search by area as well as a number of other criteria to find the perfect place to stay for your next trip to the Finger Lakes. Don't Forget, you can use the "Book a Room Now" feature above to book your next stay in the Finger Lakes!


Bed & Breakfast/Inns

Experience quality comfort and personalized care at the many bed & breakfasts located across the Finger Lakes. A bed & breakfast would be perfect for your next romantic getaway or to spend time with family. Some Inn's may not offer breakfast, but know you'll have all the comforts of home at every corner. No matter who you are visiting the Finger Lakes with, you will find an extra personalized touch if you stay at a bed & breakfast or Inn.


Camping today seems to mean a variety of things; to some, you have to hike through the woods and set up a tent, others prefer an RV they can drive up to their campsite. If you're not ready for a tent or camper situation, ease in to camping with many campgrounds also offering cottages to have more modern conveniences. No matter your preference, you will find something to suit you in the Finger Lakes.

Hotels/ Motels

Hotels and motels offer a wide variety of comforts but always give you a great place to recharge you batteries after a day in the Finger Lakes. Whether you are looking for a pet friendly accommodation so you can bring your furry friend or a five star hotel for your next special trip to the region, you can find it easily on our hotel/motel page.

Vacation Rentals

If you're looking for something a little cozier for your next trip to the Finger Lakes, take a look at vacation rentals. A vacation rental is a great way to spend time with family while enjoying all the Finger Lakes have to offer. Lakefront cottage or secluded cabin, you will find it all in the Finger Lakes to make it seem like you've been living like a local forever.

Time Shares

If you're looking for an affordable but more permanent way to spend time in the Finger Lakes, consider a time share. You get most of the advantages of having a second home in the Finger Lakes without having to deal with yearly maintenance or the extra cost of purchasing a house in the region.

Real Estate

So, you've fallen in love with the Finger Lakes and are ready to call this region home (or second home!) Visit this section to find a number of helpful realtors who are ready to find the perfect place for you.