"Waters Dried Away" Area 2,214 acres Length 6 miles Shoreline 13 miles Max. Depth 76 feet Max. Width .75 miles Volume 21.1 billion gallons Elevation 788 feet.  Otisco's Largest town Amber Characteristics Ringed by small lakeside camps and homes.


Beaches & Parks 


Otisco Lake Park - 2525 Otisco Valley Road,  The 3 acre park is a carry-in, carry-out facility with a five-car parking area. no swimming available.


Marina's & Boat Launches. 

Public access launch - West Valley Rd (South end ) Fishing pier available,  Car top launch only. 

Otisco Lake Causeway -  The Causeway Rd. not currently used for traffic allows for hand launching boats and canoes.   Fishing is available.

Otisco Lake Marina / Campground - A small private campgrounds on the south end of the lake. Otisco Valley Road