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150 Years in the Crystal City

Apr 12th, 2018

This summer, we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of glassmaking arriving in Corning. Everything kicks off with our Crystal City Saturday celebration, you can see our city’s intriguing history through riveting demonstrations, immersive displays, and interactive activities all summer long. The celebration culminates on September 22 with the arrival of GlassBarge in Corning, New York. We invite you, our neighbors to celebrate with us as we mark this important milestone in Corning’s journey to becoming the Crystal City.

The Crystal City Gallery
Opening on May 5, 2018, the Crystal City Gallery renovation features stories of the makers, innovations, and brilliant marketing strategies that made Corning’s cut and engraved glass unparalleled in the world. The refreshed gallery focuses on Corning’s origins as a center for glass and the history and innovations that led to its emergence as the "Crystal City."

150 Years of Glassmaking in Corning
Explore our new display marking the 150th anniversary of glassmaking arriving in Corning. By combining extensive timelines and stunning visuals, including historic photos and maps, you can delve into the history of glassmaking like never before. Discover how advances in transportation, like the Erie Canal and railroad system, played a major role in transforming Corning from a farm town to the “Crystal City.”

A floating hot glass studio offering live glassmaking demonstrations will launch in May 2018. GlassBarge retraces the voyage from Brooklyn to Corning, with stops along the Hudson River and Erie Canal. A complementary installation at the Museum will connect visitors with the four-month journey of GlassBarge.

NEW: Crystal City Hot Glass Demos
At the turn of the 20th century, Corning was known to the world as the “Crystal City.” Discover how glassmaking, and particularly the art of cut glass, came to be forever tied with a small town in upstate New York. This unprecedented demonstration uniquely combines history with technique as our glassmakers demonstrate the art-form and tell the story of how Corning came to be an artistic leader on a world-wide scale.

Community-wide Celebration
Save the date! A community-wide celebration of 150 years of glassmaking in Corning is taking place on September 22, 2018, in partnership with Corning’s Gaffer District. Check back for updates.

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