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Arbor Hill Winery "Goes Green" with Solar Panels

Apr 23rd, 2014

Naples, N.Y. - Earth Day is coming up on Apr. 22, and Arbor Hill Winery has set its sights on further reducing its environmental impact. Last month the winery had 32 new solar panels installed at its Brew & Brats restaurant. Arbor Hill began using solar energy last year, when QwikSolar installed 40 panels on the restaurant's roof - improving its carbon offset by 16,000 pounds. This year, Arbor Hill continues to focus on expanding its solar energy use, thus using a more environmentally friendly and sustainable power source.

With the additional panels installed last month, the winery has total of 72 working solar panels contributing to supply the overall energy needs of the business. The solar panels generate the equivalent of 29,880 pounds of firewood, 19,944 pounds of bituminous coal, and 14,400 gallons of gasoline each year.

"As grape growers, our business is dependent on the environment," says John Brahm, owner of Arbor Hill Winery. "The addition of these solar panels will be making a positive change in our community by reducing our carbon footprint and preserving more of the earth's natural resources."

Arbor Hill estimates the solar panels will save approximately 28,000 pounds of carbon each year, or the equivalent of 340 trees annually for the next 30 years.


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About Arbor Hill

Arbor Hill is a family owned and operated winery in Naples, NY. It opened in 1987 and features wines made with experimental grape varieties - 21 different wines, to be exact. The winery also produces 54 gourmet food products and in 2011 opened "Brew and Brats at Arbor Hill" in the historic carriage barn adjacent to the winery's tasting room and gift shop. The new restaurant couples locally-made sausages with its own craft beers and compliments them with a few of their very own gourmet sauces, like the Sherried Wine BBQ Sauce.

For more information visit or call 585-374-2870.


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