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Cayuga Museum Opens Two New Exhibits for the Summer

Jun 07th, 2021

The Cayuga Museum of History & Art is announcing two brand new exhibits opening on Saturday, June 12. The main museum building, located in the historic Willard-Case Mansion, will be closed until June 12 so staff can complete the new exhibit installation. Visitors may still reserve a tour of the Case Research Laboratory during that time.

The first exhibit, “Flashbulb: Experiencing Memory,” is an immersive experience that will take you back in time through decades of living memory. According to the Museum:

Flashbulb memories are a kind of collective memory, usually involving news events where one can vividly picture the moment indefinitely. In this exhibit, you will be taken back in time through the decades, the galleries staged to look like living spaces through time as you experience memories of these decades firsthand. For instance, let us transport you to a living room in 1969. You are four years old, and your parents sit you down in front of the television to watch Neil Armstrong set foot upon the moon, a legendary, “one giant leap for mankind.” You are young, but you distinctly remember the emotion of the moment and the recognition that you are one of millions of people watching the exact same instance play out. This is what it means to experience a flashbulb memory.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the memories of our past, unpack how they changed society, and share your memories and hopes for the future as you explore decades of living memory and examine just why these moments shape us down to our very biology.

Visitors will also welcome back the CNY Emerging Artist project for the first time since 2019. Throughout the summer, artist Terry Plater will feature her show Legacies of Harriet’s World in the Cayuga Museum and the Schweinfurth Art Center. To learn more about her installation, you can visit the museum webpage here: Terry Plater will also be hosting a virtual artist talk over Zoom on Friday, June 18th as a joint program hosted by the Cayuga Museum and Schweinfurth Art Centers and part of the Schweinfurth’s Juneteenth celebration. You can register for this artist talk here:

Legacies of Harriet’s World will be on display from June 12-August 7. Flashbulb: Experiencing Memory will be on display from June 12- November 13. Guests can make reservations to visit the museum at or by contacting Geoff Starks at or 315-253-8051. The Cayuga Museum is located at 203 Genesee St. in Auburn, NY. Free parking is available in the lot behind the Museum or on Genesee St.

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