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How To Camp Like a Pro - Tents, Sleeping Bags & The Occasional Camper Van

Jul 02nd, 2021

“Camping is nature's way of promoting the motel business. ”

                            ― Dave Barry, American author, and columnist for the Miami Herald

Camping is like food for the soul. Most people travel but campers take traveling to the next level. Camping in nature and the great outdoors open you up to new and exciting adventures. From pitching your tent to making a fire, camping involves many life skills. The whole experience of thriving on the basics is fulfilling and life-altering. 

There are many misconceptions about camping though. Some believe that camping is uncomfortable and too hardcore. However, ask a seasoned camper and they’ll tell you how amazingly simple camping really is. With the right camping gear like tents, sleeping bags, and the occasional campervan, camping can be fun, exciting, and amazingly satisfying. 

If you’ve never camped before or have only tried it a few times, here’s the low-down on how to camp like a pro. 


Tents For Life 

If you’re camping, tents are a must-have. Essentially, your tent is the roof over your head. You could spend the entire day wandering around the woods but when night falls, you need the comfort and security of your tent to protect you from rain and other elements. Having a tent for cover is a blessing and extremely essential. 

Most seasoned campers use tents that are double layered. Tents like these come with an inner mesh or net. The mesh lends sturdiness to your tent. 

Advantages of a Double-Layered Tent

If it’s too hot during the day, you could always take the outer layer off your tent and simply use the inner mesh for shade. On nights when the weather outside is good, a night spent in such tents can be heavenly. With the inner mesh for protection against insects and mosquitos, you could easily take the outer layer off and stargaze into the night.  

Make sure your tent has all its accessories like hooks, tent rods, and pegs so you can fix it to the ground firmly. Without these important components, your tent is incomplete and will not serve its purpose. If you want to be a pro camper, you should keep all your tent accessories together for when you need them. 

Pro Tip: When you’re not inside your tent, zip up the outer layer to keep it safe from creepy crawlies, dust, rain, and other external factors. 


Sleeping Bags For Snug Nights 

When you’re camping outdoors, your sleeping bag is important. Even if you wanted to rough it out and sleep on a blanket on the ground, nature just won’t allow it. To get the best from your camping experience, you need a sleeping bag that suits you perfectly. 

There are three kinds of sleeping bags with their own features and uses.

Mummy sleeping bags are for backpackers. If you’re hiking and trekking a lot, you should get yourself a mummy-style sleeping bag. It’s called “mummy” because you fit into it snugly and you’ll look like a mummy when zipped up in it. Mummy bags are lightweight, cozier, and warmer. If you’re camping out in the cold, or in stormy weather, this one’s for you. 

Double sleeping bags are ideal for couples. When the two of you are out in the wild and in a tent, cuddling is a given and double sleeping bags make this all the more doable. These bags are slightly heavier than mummy bags but they can also be rolled up to fit your backpack. Wider and larger, double sleeping bags sleep two people comfortably. 

Rectangular sleeping bags are the most spacious sleeping bags for camping. They aren’t ideal for winter and are best for summer camping. They are wide, large, and easy to roll up. If you’re camping during the hot months, take this sleeping bag along for more space and breathability.  


Take It Up A Notch With A Camper Van 

Take the road less traveled in a campervan. If you only camp two or three nights a year, a campervan might be a bit of a stretch but if you’re looking to camp for extended periods of time, then go for it. With a campervan, you can roam the world on your own terms and in your own time. It may be the more expensive option, but if you long to explore the country, enjoy taking spontaneous holidays, and want a more comfortable camping experience, then it’s worth considering.

Converting a van into a campervan for travel and camping is an exciting prospect. Once you have a campervan tailored to your needs and preferences (don’t forget the campervan insurance!), you only need to book a campsite, load it up, and hit the open road. 

Campervans are the smallest kind of RVs and they fit up to four people with ease. If you’re looking for something high-end and upscale, get yourself a luxury camper. However, if it isn’t within your budget, there are plenty of good mid-range campervans. Maintain it well and it could accompany you on many adventures throughout your lifetime.  


Little Things Matter 

Tents, sleeping bags, and camper vans are camping basics. When it comes to camping like a pro, bringing small essential items with you can make all the difference. 

When you’re camping in a tent, make sure to carry a camping light with you. These lights are portable and every tent store will have them. Hook them up in your tent to make camping at night a comfortable and hassle-free experience. You should also pack an eye mask, bug repellent, and a first aid kit. 

If you can’t sleep without a pillow, carry an inflatable one for your camping trip. For extra comfort, layer a sleeping pad underneath your sleeping bag. The extra cushioning will make the hard and sometimes rocky ground more comfortable and give you a better night’s sleep.


Camping is a Lifestyle 

Like traveling, camping is a lifestyle. Whoever said camping is painful and cumbersome has probably only tried it a few times. The best way to camp like a pro is to camp as often as you can. Every time you camp, you make mistakes, you learn, and you do better next time. As you go along, you pick up some amazing camping hacks that make the experience even better.

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