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Seward House Museum Reopens

Aug 06th, 2020

Thank you for your interest in visiting the Seward House Museum! We understand in these uncertain times turning to local cultural and historical sites offer a promising reminder of human perseverance, and we’re excited to open our doors back to the public. As always, our utmost concern is the safety of our visitors and staff, which is why we ask that you please agree to the following terms and conditions while scheduling your tour, and during your visit. If you have any questions about the changes made to the tour or our safety procedures, please feel free to reach out to the Museum by phone at 315-252-1283, or by email at:

To register a tour for any family units who have quarantined together, please contact the number above so the SHM can schedule a tour for the group. Family unit tours can be arranged for a group of 6 or less given appropriate availability in scheduled tours.

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