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The Women’s Rights Movement was a national effort that forced change leading to equal rights for women and women’s suffrage in the United States.  Keep reading for even more information on the Women's Rights Movement.

Harriet Tubman was a former slave and is known for her efforts in the Underground Railroad, leading over 300 slaves to freedom. Harriet Tubman, "the Moses of the People" lived in the Finger Lakes and her home, the Harriet Tubman Home can be toured in the community of Auburn.

Learn about the 35 centuries of glassmaking at the Corning Museum of Glass and discover the history of glass, locally and from around the world! Watch a live Hot Glass Demonstration and even Make Your Own Glass.

While you're in Corning, visit the Rockwell Museum - A Smithsonian Affiliate, dedicated to art about America.

Glenn H. Curtis was an aviation pioneer; he piloted the first officially witnessed flight in North America and held U.S. Pilots License #1. Glenn Curtis was born in the Finger Lakes.

All of this history and so much more are celebrated in the Finger Lakes. The Women’s Rights Movement started in Seneca Falls, NY. Seneca Falls is home to the Women’s Rights National Historic Park and the Women’s Rights Hall of Fame. You can see the home of Harriet Tubman in Auburn. You can find out more about Glenn H. Curtis and his quest for flight as well as his work as a motorcycle and bicycle manufacture at the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport.

It may surprise some to find out how much history there is in the Finger Lakes region. There are museums spread throughout the Finger Lakes. 

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