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The Finger Lakes region has a natural beauty. This can be seen throughout the Finger Lakes region and not just in the lakes either. There are a number of state parks in the Finger Lakes, including Watkins Glen State Park. There are also a number of waterfalls and gorges in the Finger Lakes. The Erie Canal runs along the northern end of the Finger Lakes, featuring a number of parks and boat launches throughout. The Montezuma Wildlife Refuge is a resting, feeding and nesting place for a number of migratory birds and gives us the chance to observe this wildlife in its unaltered state.





Waterfalls - The Finger Lakes boast a number of waterfalls, from Rochester to Ithaca the beautiful cascading water is a sight that is not to be missed.

The Erie Canal - The Erie Canal runs through he northern section of the Finger Lakes. What was once a catalyst for a growing region is now that home of a number of recreational water activities.

Montezuma - Providing a preserved area for wildlife, particularly migratory birds flying along the Atlantic Flyway, the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge has been preserving the natural state of this area since 1938.

National Forest - The Finger Lakes National Forest stretches over 16,000 acres across the Finger Lakes. Providing outdoor enthusiast with a number of activities including, hiking, blueberry picking, camping and more, the National Forest is another beautiful scenic spot in the Finger Lakes.

State Parks - Featured in large number and great variety the state parks across the Finger Lakes each have their own unique offerings. Some have a lakefront view while others feature cascading waterfalls or scenic gorges.

Watkins Glen State Park - This park is known for its high waterfalls and steep gorges but is conveniently located just off of Main Street in Watkins Glen, NY. The Watkins Glen State Park also offers a number of other outdoor activities including swimming, fishing and camping.