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2024 Total Solar Eclipse at 3BrosWine

Apr 08th, 2024
Time: 11:00am
Location: Three Brothers Wineries, 623 Lerch Road , Geneva NY
Phone: (315)-585-4432

This event is free to attend. We recommend reservations if you are planning on doing tastings.

Experience the awe-inspiring phenomenon with us!

All 3 wineries and War Horse Brewing will be open for tastings and drinks by the glass. To celebrate the occasion we created a limited-edition beer, hard cider and a low alcohol wine (all 3 launching in March). Eclipse viewing glasses available for purchase.

Event Details:

  • Moon & Stone Crystal Giveaway - the 1st 50 visitors on April 8th will receive a crystal hand-picked by the owners of Moon & Stone with a description card “Crystals have energy (think good vibes) that can mesh with your body's energy fields, giving you a Zen-like balance and promoting healing. Your body’s energy is always changing based on your mood. The vibration of a crystal is steady. When you incorporate crystals into your life, your vibration will raise or lower to meet that of the crystal! The crystal will choose you, you won’t choose the crystal! That means - which ever crystal you are attracted to right now, is the crystal your body and soul needs.” - Moon & Stone
  • 1-4pm Live music with Rachel Beverly
  • 12-4pm Christine Legott, Intuitive, Psychic Medium will be offering $20 Tarot Readings in Bagg Dare (10 Minute Readings)
  • Specialty Café Menu

*If you miss the crystal giveaway, we will have assorted crystals available for purchase.

2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Rochester & Geneva are in the path of totality during the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. In a solar eclipse, the moon gets between the Sun and Earth. In a total solar eclipse, people who are in the path of totality see the Sun’s bright disk totally covered by the Moon for a short time.

Why is this a big deal? A total eclipse is one of the rarest and most spectacular events in nature. During the partial phases just before and after totality, the landscape around you is transformed by eerie dim light and strangely sharp shadows. During totality, the sky becomes as dark as deep twilight, bright stars and planets appear, and the Sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona, shines around the black disk of the Moon’s silhouette. Changes in temperature, winds, and animal behavior occur during the time around totality. The experience is emotionally powerful and unforgettable.

What will we see? The Moon will begin to cover the Sun at 2:07 pm. Using a safe solar viewing method, we will see more and more of the Sun covered by the Moon over the next 73 minutes. This time is called a partial phase because the Sun is partially covered by the Moon. Totality begins at 3:20 pm and lasts 3 minutes 38 seconds (plus or minus a few seconds, depending on your exact location). After totality, the Moon gradually uncovers the Sun in a second partial phase. The eclipse ends for Rochester viewers at 4:33 pm

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