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April Gallery Night with Josh Dolan's "Broken Guitars"

Apr 05th, 2024
Time: 4:00pm
Location: Grayhaven Motel, 657 Elmira Rd , Ithaca NY
Price: free

Join us in the Grayhaven Lounge for BROKEN GUITARS,  a series by Josh Dolan utilizing broken and rescued guitars as a canvas for collage giving them new life as art pieces. The imagery of horses and the cosmos are often found in these works which tap into our subconscious need to ride! And broken things like broken people can still be beautiful and find new life. 


Josh has been a maker since childhood but only recently returned to active status as a visual artist. The pandemic, as for many of us, illustrated just how fleeting life is and forced him to choose a life of art and music. Not only is he a visual artist, but he’s also a pretty decent musician, singer and songwriter; having released his first record in 2023 with The 86ers. 


When not pursuing his passion for music and art he does stonework around ithaca in summer, and handyman projects during the off-season 

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