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Mar 14th, 2024
Time: 10:00am
Location: Clemens Center, 207 Clemens Center Parkway , Elmira NY
Phone: (607)-735-2777
Price: Tickets: $7

A Clemens Center Mary Tripp Marks School-Time Series production presented by Geodesic Management/Literature to Life

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Tickets: $7

For group and/or single tickets, contact our School-Time Coordinator at
607-735-2777 or

A Literature to Life® stage presentation of:

Fahrenheit 451
By Ray Bradbury
Performed by Rich Orlow
Adapted by Wynn Handman

Guy Montag, is a fireman in a not-so distant future. But instead of putting out fires, he starts them in order to burn books. Ray Bradbury’s vision of a world, awash in information, but lacking critical thought offers audiences a sobering look at our world, while offering hope for a better future. A solo actor tells the story from the perspective of the protagonist, Montag, and seamlessly transitions between the five other primary characters.

Curriculum Ties: Science Fiction, Literature, Social Studies

Runtime: 90 minutes
Age Recommendation: Grades 7 – 12

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