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Fair Haven Beach State Park Solar Eclipse Events

Apr 08th, 2024
Time: 8am
Location: Fair Haven State Park, State Park Rd , Sterling NY
Price: Free

Total Solar Eclipse Presentations located at Sabin Hall and Bay Shelter. Beach Shelter will be open from 8:00am to 4:30pm with food, refreshments, souvenirs, viewing glasses and information. For more information please call the park office at 315-947-5205 or email ... 12-2 Sabin Hall Talks: Join Dr. Tyler Nordgren* and Environmental Educator, Josh Teeter as they give alternating, short presentations about the eclipse and the NYS Parks Centennial. Dr. Norgren’s talk is titled, See the Sun and Moon Align with You and will cover the spectacle that has terrified and inspired humans for millennia and is just as awe inspiring today.    12-2 Bay Shelter Activities: Join Science Center staff to celebrate the eclipse with hands-on space activities! Explore why eclipses happen, investigate the future of lunar exploration, create a pocket-sized solar system, and more as we await first contact.  I'll point out the phenomenon in the sky and things to see above us, around us, and beneath us as they become visible while eclipse progresses up to the moment of totality. We will start at   2:00pm to watch for First Contact: the moment the first bite is taken out of the Sun as the Moon's disk appears to touch the Sun. Things we will see over the next hour and twenty one minutes (weather permitting): sunspots, projected images of the eclipsed Sun on the ground, weather changes, temperature changes, lighting and color changes, bright planets appearing, shadow bands, Baileys Beads, Diamond Ring and totality at 3:21pm lasting for 3 minutes and 26 seconds.     2:30-Totality Roving Activities: Make your own pinhole eclipse viewer, catalog the changing shadows, and more with roving activities brought to you by the Sciencenter.   End Totality - 4:30 Bay Shelter Activities resume and Facilitated Discussion: Hands-on space activities with the Science Center resume! The Sciencenter team will offer a combination of written reflection prompts to create a community art observation/reflection project as well as a conversation with Dr. Nordgren and Sciencenter about the eclipse experience.     Fair Haven Beach staff will be selling refreshments, snacks, souvenirs, etc. at the Beach Shelter.   Please dress overly warm for the weather. Fair Haven Beach State Park can be colder and windier that the surrounding area. Please also make sure to have plenty of water, food, and snacks for before AND after the eclipse. There may be traffic issues after the eclipse.

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