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Farm Sanctuary's Celebration for the Turkeys

Nov 04th, 2023
Time: 12:00 PM
Location: Farm Sanctuary, 3136 Aikens Road , Watkins Glen NY

This fall, gather for our time-honored tradition, Celebration for the Turkeys. On November 4, we’ll express gratitude for each other and all living beings — but turkeys especially!

Thanksgiving season is supposed to be about gratitude, but the factory farming industry has co-opted it to promote the consumption of turkeys who’ve suffered tortured lives on industrial farms. Nearly 46 million turkeys will be killed in the U.S. this Thanksgiving alone.

Rather than supporting this cruel system, please join us for our compassionate holiday celebration!

Attendees will savor a Saturday of community connection with human and non-human animals, complete with a festive meal for our feathered friends.

Whether you will be a returning regular or visiting for the first time, Celebration for the Turkeys is a heartwarming event to experience Farm Sanctuary. In our care, turkeys and other animal agriculture survivors live free from harm. Their rescue stories and personalities change hearts and minds and help us create a more just and compassionate food system.

All humans welcome! Visit Farm Sanctuary to learn more and purchase your tickets.

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