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Taughannock Folklore

Feb 23rd, 2023 - Mar 04th, 2023
Time: 9 PM both Thursdays, 3 PM both Fridays, 9 AM both Saturdays
Location: Online anytime and on Ithaca cable channel 13 according to the schedule above., PEGASYS Studio, 612 W. Green Street, Ithaca, NY (studio not open to public.) , Ithaca NY
Price: Free

Host Tony Ingraham reads and illustrates legends and stories about Taughannock Falls before it was a state park in this encore episode 197 of Walk in the Park (from 2018). Find out about who Taughannock was, the “door” in the falls, the Taughannock Giant, and other “facts and fancies,” as author Margaret Badger called them in New York Folklore Quarterly in 1963. (Ingraham notes that stories that involve indigenous people at Taughannock may or may not have some roots in Haudenosaunee culture or history, but that they certainly have come to us via the pens of non-Indian people; and in some cases may have been been made up entirely or embellished for the entertainment of tourists at the hotels that once were perched near the rims of Taughannock Gorge in the 1800s.}

Walk in the Park is produced by Owl Gorge Productions, a partner business in the Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance.

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