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Into The Wild(e) Art Opening

Oct 14th, 2023
Time: 7pm
Location: Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts, 5 McLallen St. , Trumansburg NY
Phone: (607)-387-5939
Price: FREE

The Opening Gala is Saturday evening, October 14, from 7-9pm.


The Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts (TCFA) is pleased to announce its 39th annual Fall Invitational, this year titled “Into the Wild(e).” Curated by Marina Delaney, the exhibit features the work of six artists all of whom bring aspects of wildness to their work. The show takes place from October 14 through November 19. A gallery talk will be held on Sunday, November 19 at 3pm. Gallery hours are Fridays, 10am - 3pm and Sundays, 1-5pm.

The Opening Gala is Saturday evening, October 14, from 7-9pm. This event is free and open to the public with live jazz by Chris White on cello and Dave Davies on guitar; wine and light refreshments will be served. A performance/installation “The Lion” by Ben Marlan will also take place in the balcony with Aaron Arlinghaus during the event. A video of the performance will be on display for the duration of the show.

The concept for “Into the Wild(e)” is an exploration of “wildness” as descriptor, as behavior, and as state of being. All participating artists — Mary Ann Bowman, Warren Bunn, Nicole Costa, Ben Marlan, Alice Muhlback, and William Roberts — bring elements of these themes to their work. Interspersed throughout the exhibit are quotes on art by Oscar Wilde. Says curator Delaney, “As I thought more about the ideas I wished to convey through this exhibit —namely, how art changes and shapes our understanding of the world around us — Wilde’s famous quote, ‘Life imitates Art’ came to mind. The synchronicity was too good to pass up. Wilde on Wild!” All of the quotes have been chosen specifically for the paintings and sculpture on display, as well as Marlan’s piece.

Mary Ann Bowman says of her work, “The inspiration that comes to me is more a feeling than an object. If clay is the easiest material to use I scribble some lines in my notebook to make the feeling more visible. So it has always been a dance between the available materials and how able I am to put forth the feeling. I only recently was able to articulate the point of all this. It is to elicit a smile or even laughter from the viewer.”

Warren Bunn II is a local museum professional, painter and musician. An artist since his earliest memories, he studied fine art and art history (BA, Hartwick College) and Museum Studies (MA, School of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University). Formerly the Registrar at The Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University, he is now the Senior Manager, Collections and Exhibitions at The Corning Museum of Glass. Warren continues to create and exhibit his work. Although loaded with his own personal symbolism, he is most interested in having the viewer craft the tale, shaped by their own emotions and experiences.

Nicole Costa was born in Baltimore and is a self-taught artist. An early interest in recycled materials sparked a technique of painting with acrylics on newspaper -- a method that still defines her practice. By painting on salvaged materials —newspaper and cardboard— the work connects the everyday with the sublime through a childlike aesthetic informed by geometric shapes, idiosyncratic color combinations, and simple words. The use of re-purposed materials combined with an accessible visual language creates an opening for the viewer. From this state, the subconscious mind is more readily called forth to receive the healing potential of the work — be it spiritual, political, personal or cultural.

Ben Marlan says of his work, “Installation and performance art are more intriguing to me at this point in my life/artistic journey. A live participant within the installation makes the possibility of greater understanding and closer connection between exhibit and onlooker all the better. The contrast between wild and mundane, and all the definitions and judgments in between, are an endless source of inspiration.” As Marlan’s installations are site specific, the piece for “Into the Wild(e)” will “express the ridiculous beauty of what’s wild about nothing.”

Alice Muhlback says of her work, “I love to make simple line drawings of my thoughts and feelings. I am a visual thinker, a cartoonist, graphic designer and illustrator. Currently I create a world of characters in paint, cardboard and recycled wood.” Visit her website at

William Roberts is an artist who works and lives in Aurora, New York. His work is informed by his love of birds, horses, and the environment. Says Roberts, "Art is essential. It is intellectual and spiritual sustenance." During his forty-plus year academic career, Roberts taught painting and drawing at Kent State University, Canton Art Institute, Auburn Correctional Facility and Moravia Correctional Facility, and Wells College — where he also served as director of the Wells College String Room Art Gallery. A selection of his one-person, group, juried, and invitational exhibitions includes Cornell University Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, the FAR Gallery (NYC), Mercer Gallery (NYC), Saratoga Art Gallery, Art and Objects Gallery in Palm Beach, Folk Art Gallery in Syracuse, NY, Blossom Music Center in Peninsula Ohio and the Schweinfurth Art Center. For more on William Roberts' work and career, please visit his website at

Every October, Cayuga Arts Collective, TCFA’s sponsored organization, hosts a Draw-a-thon at the Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts where the public is invited to draw for an afternoon. Art materials are provided along with still lifes and live costumed models. This event is registered with The Big Draw, an international festival that takes place all over the world throughout the month of October to celebrate the universal language of drawing. This year CayAC received a Community Arts Partnership grant for "Draw-a-thon Goes Wild!” which will take place on Sunday, October 22, 2-5pm. In keeping with the themes of the exhibit, this event will focus on drawing with paint and feature two Ithaca-based artists Warren Bunn (who is also in the show) and Charlotte Ghiorse/the house of Choclet — both of whom will provide instruction at 2:15-3:15pm and 3:30-4:30pm respectively. A $10 donation is suggested for adults and a $5 donation is suggested for children with all proceeds from the event going towards TCFA’s capital campaign which is currently raising funds to restore their historic building. All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged.

Curator Marina Delaney will present a gallery talk “Into the Wild(e) Unpacked" at the close of the exhibit which will focus on the Oscar Wilde quotes included in the show - their meaning and continued relevance, as demonstrated in the work on view. The talk will be on Sunday, November 19, 3pm, followed by a closing reception.

Gallery hours are Fridays, 10am-3pm and Sundays, 1-5pm. In addition to Draw-a-thon Goes Wild! and the the gallery talk/closing, the exhibit also coincides with a variety of TCFA events including Dia de los Muertos Workshop on October 21; Adrian Legg in Concert on October 27; “Rock Horror Picture Show” screening on October 28; Guitarist Hiroya Tsukamoto on November 3.

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