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Beyond Finger Lakes Wineries

Discover the Finger Lakes region selection of Breweries, Cideries & Distilleries

While wine may be a major selling point for many visitors, that areas that are home to the Finger Lakes wine trails offer so much more.

Up-and-coming beverage attractions, local breweries and beer tastings continue to put the Finger Lakes wine region on the map in a completely new way. The region is steadily expanding its brewery reach and quickly becoming a hot spot for beer lovers all across New York State and beyond. Following suit, the increase in popularity of cider as well as handcrafted spirits, has spurred the growth of Cideries and Distilleries in these areas as well.


Today, New York State boasts over 200 breweries, with its greatest concentration surrounding the Finger Lake region. Over 75 family-owned craft and farm breweries, brew pubs and microbreweries welcome beer enthusiasts to experience the beauty of the Finger Lakes in an unexpected way. From tasting rooms and beer flights to live music, the newfound beer culture in the Finger Lakes is only just beginning.

While the Finger Lakes region has long been a top destination for attracting wine lovers, it’s no longer a secret that the brew scene is quickly becoming an ideal getaway for beer drinkers as well. Similar to the wine trail, tours can be made from brewery to brewery if you so choose and there’s a large number of brewery locations to pick from.

Many craft brewers in the region take pride in their offerings, using locally grown hops and malt to concoct their unique brews. Locally-grown or sourced ingredients are oftentimes used to give these beers an edge that is unique to NYS. Like wine, beer lovers also recognize the importance of pairing beer with meals. In the Finger Lakes, any brewery you visit would be more than happy to offer their suggestions and teach you the basics about food and beer pairing – and even cooking with beer!

The brew emergence in the Finger Lakes continues to draw tourism in from all corners of the state. So come and experience a taste of the Finger Lakes wine region in a way that you never would’ve expected by exploring its ever-growing constellation of niche breweries.


It wouldn’t be the Empire State without apples, right? And since hard cider is the newest frontier of the agri-beverage region, this is where apples really shine for the Empire State, particularly the fruit driven Finger Lakes region. The delicious fruit and locally-grown products in New York State attribute to some of the Finger Lakes greatest cideries and distilleries.

Flavors ranging from sweet, dry, crisp, acidic, fruity and light, the palettes of ciders are similar to that of wine, which makes this up-and-coming cider re-emergence such a popular market in the wine region. Just like their beer and wine companions, hard ciders are more and more frequently becoming the perfect pair for meals, cheeses, hors oeuvres and fruits as well.

In addition to the scenic beauty you’d get visiting any trail here in the Finger Lakes region, you can also experience cider-oriented events and festivals throughout the year.


The Finger Lakes complements its endless offerings with homegrown, handcrafted spirits of a unique variety.

If you’re more interested in the distilling scene, many of the Finger Lakes’ award-winning spirits  and cocktails are also sourced from locally-grown ingredients. Due to the Finger Lakes convenient location, distilleries have immediate access to the crop of one of the best grape-growing regions in the state, as well as local farms for corn, rye, barley and other grains. So most of the regions distilled vodka, whiskey, brand, liqueurs and more are made from locally-harvested grains, grapes and other delicious refreshing fruits.

Show your appreciation for craft ciders and distilled spirits in the Finger Lakes by visiting one of the many cideries, distilleries or tasting rooms.

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