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2023 County Hike Series: Founders Hikes

May 19th, 2023



Founders Hikes


Want to participate in the County Hike Series but can't make it to every hike scheduled for this year's program?

Register for a Founders Hike!



We’ll be honoring some of the founders and early leaders of the Finger Lakes Trail Conference with Founders Hikes. The Founders Hikes make up the first four hikes in the County Hike Series.


If you’re registered for the County Hike series, the Founders Hikes are included in your registration. However, if you’re looking for a way to join the County Hike Series but you can’t attend all of the hikes scheduled for this year’s program, you can attend a Founders Hike (or multiple) and still participate in the fun!


Registration for the Wally Wood Founders Hike is open now! This is the first of four Founders Hikes, part of the FLTC County Hike Series program.


Wally Wood was the founding president of the Finger Lakes Trail Conference and held many titles in the FLTC. He was a member of the FLTC Board of Managers from 1962-1969, president of the FLTC from 1962-1966, and a Bristol Hills Trail Sponsor from 1962-1976, among many other roles. 


Wally Wood was a long-distance hiker living in Rochester when he organized existing hiking clubs in 1962 at Keuka College forming the Finger Lakes Trail organization. He was awarded the first Wallace D. Wood Distinguished Service Award in 1984. 


Join us on May 20th in honor of Wally Wood’s memory and the legacy he left with the FLTC.


The four Founders Hikes are scheduled for the following dates: May 20th, June 17th, July 15th, and August 19th.


You can register for a Founders Hike for $35 by going to our website,, or by going to the link in our bio and heading to the County Hike Series webpage.


We look forward to sharing this history with you. Happy hiking!


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