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2023 County Hike Series: Participation Options Breakdown

Apr 27th, 2023



Participation Options Breakdown


"Should I participate in a group hike, or hike individually?"



Wondering which participation option you should choose for the 2023 County Hike Series? Have no fear--our Breakdown Guide is here!


We have 2 options for participation this year: Group Hikes and Individual Hikes.


Group Hike:


Group Hikes are our most popular option and are split up by hiking pace and guided by experienced Hike Leaders. Group Hikes are a great option for all experience levels! A bus service takes group hikers to the starting point of each hike.


Group hikers can refuel along the way with snacks from the SAG (Supply & Gear) Wagon! Group hikers may also choose to stop at the SAG Wagon and complete a “half-hike”, and make arrangements to complete the other half on another day with other half-hikers or individually.


Whether you are a trail runner or like to stop and smell the flowers, there will be a hike group to fit your desired pace!


Individual Hike:


Individual Hikers are able to complete every hike solo. If you want the option to switch up your pace or want to tackle this adventure on your own, this is the participation option for you!





Haven't registered for the 2023 County Hike Series yet? Want to learn more about participation options, pricing, and hikes available this year? Use the link below to head over to our website!


Register Here, or Learn More!



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