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5 Winter Activities to Do in a Day at Finger Lakes

Nov 30th, 2020

The Finger Lakes region of New York is a place that comes alive during the summer and is well worth a visit, but did you know that this stunning place is just as rich and as vibrant during the winter months? Whether you’re planning to visit the area this year, or you’ve been thinking about whether you want to go but you don’t like the idea of going during the busy summer season, don’t worry. You’re in luck.

Today, we’re going to explore six amazing winter activities you can enjoy in the Finger Lakes area, whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with your family.

1. Go Skiing!

There are very few activities you can do in the winter, which come close to the thrill and excitement you’ll get from a day skiing. Finger Lakes easily has some of the best skiing in this area since there are loads of ski resorts, 38 trails to explore, three terrain parks, and it’s suitable for anybody of any experience level!

There’s also a fun tubing center to get stuck into, and they are all within an hour of the Fingers Lakes center, basically meaning they’re right on your doorstep!

2. Take a Boat Cruise

Make sure you take a warm jacket for this one because yes, it’s probably going to be cold. Still, there’s such a beautiful atmosphere when you’re traveling across the Canandaigua and the Skaneateles lakes on one of their daily cruises.

Since it’s winter, there are fewer people about, which means you’ll have a lot more of the boat to yourself, and there are multiple versions of the cruise you can take. There are the info tours where you’ll get to hear all about the history of the lakes, lunch options, a casual cruise, and if you’re looking for a more romantic trip, moonlight cruises, which are just so incredibly special.

3. Check Out the Breweries

If beers, wines, or lagers are your thing, then why not spend a day checking out the local breweries in the Finger Lakes area. It’s indoors, so you’ll stay nice and warm, and since there are over 100 craft breweries in the area, you really are spoilt for choice.

The area usually hosts a number of events surrounding this crafting pastimes, so make sure you check out the calendar to see if any events catch your eye, though attendance at events like these may be limited right now. And, of course, current restrictions will be enforced.

4. Go Hiking

I don’t know about you, but I actually prefer to go hiking in the autumn and winter. The typical summer hikes can be too hot, and it’s draining. I much prefer hiking during the autumn and winter months since it’s so much nicer and brisker, and it’s a great way to build up an appetite for lunch.

Finger Lakes, fortunately, has some lovely hiking opportunities and trails, including the lakes themselves, the Grimes Glen Park, the Ontario Pathways, and the Finger Lakes National Forest. All of them are beautiful in their own way and have a range of different trails that you can spend a couple of hours on or the whole day!

Did you know the whole of the Finger Lakes area was actually carved out of the landscape by huge Ice Age glaciers millions of years ago? When you bear this in mind, it brings a whole new sense of wonder to your excursions.

5. Go for a Drive

While hiking is great, and there are lots to see on foot, and lots of places to explore, another great way to enjoy the area is to go for a road trip. By sticking to the road and the tourist route, you’ll be able to drive away most of the lakes here, and really maximize what you’re able to enjoy on your day out. Why not check out this Wine and Cheese driving tour?

You can either bring your own lunch, or you can stop of at any of the hotels, cafes, or restaurants in the area (don’t worry, there are dozens to choose from) to keep you fuelled up and enjoying your day!


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