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Checking Trail Conditions

Jul 21st, 2023



How & Why You Should Check Trail Conditions Before You Hike



Every once in a while, we like to remind our dedicated hikers of the importance of checking hiking trail conditions before heading out on the trail.


Checking trail conditions is easy to do with the FLTC's website! Just head over to, go to the "Go Hiking" tab, and select 'Trail Conditions'. On this page, you can search for specific trails and see the most recent notices, updates, and any closures. Using the navigation key, you can easily see if the trail you're looking at is Closed, has an Active Notice, or has No Active Notice.



Using the 'Show' bar, you can search for specific trails by trail number/ID. When you select a trail, the search feature takes you directly to that trail's most recent updates and notices, if there are any available.



And just like that, you're ready to head out onto the trail!


Checking trail conditions is very important. Hunting season, landowner information, trail detours & construction, and unhikeable paths are a few of the reasons a trail may be closed or have an Active Notice.


Checking trail conditions before heading out ensures you know what to expect, don't show up to a closed trailhead, and keeps you and your hiking party safe and knowledgeable.


Head over to our website to check out the FLTC Trail Condition Notices and prepare for your next adventure!




Trail Condition Notices



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