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Keuka Lake

The only Y-shaped lake, it also boasts being the only lake in the country that flows both North and South

About Keuka Lake

  • Area - 11,584 acres
  • Length - 19.6 miles
  • Shoreline - 59 miles
  • Max. Depth - 187 feet
  • Max. Width - 1.9 miles
  • Elevation - 715 feet
  • Cities - North End (west): Branchport, North End (east): Penn Yan, South End: Hammondsport

Keuka Lake is considered very unique even compared to other Finger Lakes because of its shape. Keuka Lake, nicknamed the Crooked Lake, is shaped in a “Y” with two north points and only one south point of this lake. Where the lake splits in two different directions is quite the sight to see and makes for a wonderful photograph any time of year.

Vineyards and Keuka Lake Wineries

Keuka Lake supports a vibrant and wonderful wine trail and provides a unique microclimate to support the vinifera style grapes the region is known for. Dr. Konstantin Frank was the first person to realize the possibility of growing vinifera style grapes in this region in the late 50s and early 60s. The award-winning winery he started, Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars, overlooks Keuka Lake, along with 23 other wineries that include: Domain LeSurre Winery, Hunt Country Vineyards, Keuka Spring Vineyards, Pleasant Valley Wine Company, Ravines Wine Cellars, Rooster Hill Vineyards, Vineyard View Winery, and Weis Vineyards

Things to Do Around “Crooked Lake”

Keuka Lake has a number of fun things to do in the area overlooking the lake. There are a number of parks on Keuka Lake including Keuka Lake State Park which features camping, boat launch, docks, hiking trails and more. Take in the waterfalls on Keuka Outlet Trail. Hammondsport, on the southern tip of Keuka Lake, was home to Glenn H. Curtiss; Glenn Curtiss was one of the first airplane builders and pilots and was instrumental in developing technology used in flight to this day. There is a museum dedicated to his work, the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, in Hammondsport. Don't Forget to visit the Finger Lakes Museum in Branchport to learn more about the lakes' geology, ecology, and place in history.